Five reasons an Adult Should

Learn to Play the Piano.

By Jo Ann Vick


There are so many reasons to take up the piano. Here are five good ones:

1.   It's probably something you've always wanted to do. Either you didn't get the chance to take lessons when you were a child or you didn't appreciate the lessons and didn't try that hard to learn. It's not too late for you…you are wiser now and can still play the piano now!

2.   It's not as difficult as you may think. All you have to do is press down the keys and you get sound! Other instruments required you to breathe a certain way, hold the instrument a particular way, hold the bow right and so on. Also, with piano, all you need is your are the "orchestra" all by yourself!

3.   You can be challenged if you like. Shoot for the moon and play all the Beethoven you want. The sky is the limit!

4.   Playing piano keeps your brain sharp and alert. You use every part of your brain plus develop fine motor skills.

5.   It's very relaxing...reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, gives you peace of mind.

There is no good reason not to begin! Start now!

Jo Ann Vick is a private piano instructor with 20 years of training and performing experience
and has a home based studio in Frisco, Texas. Her mission is to develop in others, a love
for playing the piano. Her website is located at

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