Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to have a piano to get started with lessons?

If you have a piano already, that is great! If you don't have a piano, a keyboard will work just as fine to get started with lessons.

Look for one with as many full-size keys as you can afford (minimum of 61) and preferably weighted keys rather than "touch sensitive" keys. You can always lease or purchase a piano later, once you decide if your student will stick with lessons.

Q:  Do you teach lessons from a piano curriculum?

Yes, I use the Alfred Basic Piano Library curriculum which consists of a Lesson, Theory, Technic, and Recital book. In addition to these core books, I use the Notespeller book to reinforce note-reading and the Ear Training book to focus on training and development of the musical ear.

Q:  I have a piano that needs tuning and maybe a little work to fix some sticky keys. Do you know any local piano tuners?

I heartily recommend Frisco Pianos. Norbert and Paula Lesjak have been in business for over twenty years tuning and repairing pianos. In Norbert's thirty year history as a conscientious and courteous technician, he has always treated fine pianos with care and respect. When you meet them you will also see their love and enjoyment of these fine instruments.