Should I Use a Metronome?

By Jo Ann Vick


A metronome is a music practice tool that is used to establish a steady tempo with an audible
and or visual beat. The first metronome dates back to the early 1800s and Beethoven was the first
composer to actually supply metronome settings in his music. Most modern composers also
have these indications at the top of the music sheets.

For an unfamiliar piece of music, the metronome can give you the tempo that the composer intended,
so your practice time can be more productive.

When you say metronome, most people think of the common wind up metronome with the slide weight
and the pendulum swinging back and forth making the clicking sound. But there are modern electronic
metronomes that are just as accurate and some of them can also create a tuning note.
Metronomes range in price from $14.00 to $90.00 and are readily available at online retailers
such as or

If you have a computer near your piano or keyboard, and have the Quicktime player installed,
you can even use an online metronome for free located at

Whether you use a classic, an electronic, or an on-line metronome, my hope is that it will ultimately
help you become a better piano player.

Jo Ann Vick is a private piano instructor with 20 years of training and performing experience
and has a home based studio in Frisco, Texas. Her mission is to develop in others, a love
for playing the piano. Her website is located at

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