Practice for Prizes!


This summer program is to reward students who make practice a priority. It is open to any current or new student who wants to participate and win a prize for the month. The top three point earners for the month will also win a grand prize.

Program Rules:

  • †   Practice for Prizes gives you ten points per recorded and parent signed minute of practice.
  • †   Practice time is time spent practicing your assigned songs each week.
  • †   You'll have three chances to win this summer: June, July and August.
  • †   The program runs each month and then prizes will be awarded. Program ends August 31st.
  • †   Write down your total practice time each day in your assignment book
         (this book will be given to you at your first lesson in June).
  • †   Parents must make sure your student has recorded their practice time accurately for the week
          and you must sign your name in the assignment book for each week.
  • †   Bring your assignment book to your lesson each week to get your practice time added
         to the Practice for Prizes program.
  • †   Bonus points will be awarded for students who have completed all their assignments,
         and have brought all their books to the lesson each week.
  • †   The top 3 winners will be posted in the newsletter each month.


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