How to Make your Instructor Smile

at your Lesson

By Jo Ann Vick


We all have good days and not so good days, when it comes to piano lessons. It would be wonderful if there was something we could do to supercharge our piano session time with the instructor. Well here are a few ways to ensure a great piano lesson every time:

  • †   Arrive on time.
  • †   Have clean hands before you start playing the piano.
  • †   Don't chew gum.
  • †   Bring a great attitude to your lesson every time - really listen and want to learn from your instructor,
         whose desire is to teach you and improve your playing skills. Whatever attitude you bring to your lesson
         will show up in your playing!
  • †   Remember to always do your best.
  • †   Treat your instructor with respect. Refrain from playing the piano when the instructor is talking to you.
         If you're playing you're not listening and may miss something important you need to learn.
  • †   Look for and observe musical instructions in your songs as you play (ex: piano, forte, crescendos,
         diminuendos, ritardandos, fermatas, etc.). That's something the instructor expects to hear
         when you play your songs.
  • †   Complete your assigned homework and have it completed IN PENCIL.
  • †   Practice at least 4 days per week (20 minutes per day).

Jo Ann Vick is a private piano instructor with 20 years of training and performing experience
and has a home based studio in Frisco, Texas. Her mission is to develop in others, a love
for playing the piano. Her website is located at

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