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Piano Myth Number Fifteen

A common mistake when learning a new piece of music is to play the song too fast. What I mean by that is if you go faster than your ability to play accurately, even if it is the written tempo, then you will [...]

How to Promote Musical Development

I have talked to adults who are keen on getting formal musical instruction for their children because
their son or daughter expressed an [...]

You can start piano lessons with a keyboard

Beginning students can start on a keyboard, provided that the keyboard has full size keys.
You don't want small keys that can't be played easily, because you will have difficulty when you [...]

Should I take private piano lessons?

I have one question that I ask every potential student. You should also ask yourself this question if you are thinking about taking private lessons for yourself, or you are thinking about [...]

Here is how long you should practice

The amount of time spent in a practice session may vary, depending on the goals for the session. You should set goals that can be achieved by the end of the [...]

Beginning piano students curriculum

For beginning piano students, there is nothing else that works as well for me as Alfred's Basic Piano Course. There are a series of books, but the core is made up of 6 books: [...]

What is a metronome and how can it help with piano?

A metronome is a music practice tool that is used to establish a steady tempo with an audible and or visual beat. The first metronome dates back to the early 1800s and Beethoven was the first composer to [...]

Summer break is near. Should piano lessons continue?

Kids these days are loaded down with not only school homework, but extracurricular activities that, if not managed well, can drain the fun out of life. Some of my piano students may be thinking about giving [...]

How to play better at your lesson

Ever wonder why when you get to your piano lesson your songs don't sound as good as they did at home? There are a few reasons why this can occur, and there are some [...]

What's the Proper Way to Clean My Piano Keys?

Piano keys become dirty over time, which is not surprising with all the oil on our skin. The polished surfaces get worn down, especially on the keys played so frequently. Washing your hands before playing is a big help but doesn't make the [...]

How to make your instructor smile at your lesson

We all have good days and not so good days, when it comes to piano lessons. It would be wonderful if there was something we could [...]

Why adults should learn to play the Piano

It's probably something you've always wanted to do. Either you didn't get the chance to take lessons when you were a child or you didn't appreciate the lessons and didn't try that hard to learn. It's not too late for you. You are wiser [...]

Hidden benefits from taking piano

You may be wondering what benefits your child will gain from their lessons. Sometimes you must make the decision whether to continue your child's lessons or to let them [...]

Introduction to Piano Exams

Piano exams in the United States are a structured and standardized way for piano students to demonstrate their musical abilities and [...]

Graded Levels of Piano Exams

In the context of piano exams, the graded levels 1 through 10 represent a structured and progressive framework that assesses a student's musical development and [...]